Cuben Fibre Flat Tarp


Flat rectangular cuben fibre tarps in 2 sizes weighing from 160 grams to 235 grams

* 0.8 oz dcf currently available in grey and green. Lead time 2 to 3 weeks.

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£ 200.00

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cm ft ties Weight
270 x 1809 x 612160
270 x 2709 x 912235

Made from 25 gsm (0.74 oz/sq yd) CT2E.08 cuben fibre. This is not the lightest cuben fibre available but it has been chosen for its high strength and durability.

They have 12 perimeter tie-outs, 4 corner ties and 1 central lifter. Additonal lifters can be added free of charge. The ridgeline seam and tie-out reinforcements are triple layered and bonded. The tie-out webbing tapes are sewn through 9 layers of cuben fibre for very high strength.

Suitable for pitching in a number of configurations, including both long and wide 'A' frames, half mid and flying diamond.

A review of this tarp is here

trekkertent cuben fibre tarp

cuben tarp 2cuben tarp 7