Trekkertent makes ultralight tents and shelters, designed for use in the UK climate and particularly the strong winds and exposed terrain of the Scottish Highlands.

Wind performance and rain protection are the key design aims, rather than trying to achieve the absolute lowest weight possible. Generous internal space and deep vestibules are features for when the weather requires extended time under cover.

The tents mainly use trekking poles for support, their additional strength over normal tent poles providing stability in strong winds as well as reducing the weight to be carried.   Most tents have side entry for easy access and all can be pitched in under 5 minutes.

A key feature of these shelters is that all the tie-out reinforcements are bonded to the flysheets, not sewn. This distributes stresses over the whole area of the reinforcement and allows the shelters to withstand high wind loadings.

All shelters are hand made in Scotland and tested in the Scottsh Highlands and Islands. Trekkertent will work directly with customers to tailor these products to a specific fit or functional requirement.