Saor pitches using a 2 alloy pole crossover system.

1 - Slacken off the front pole sleeve straps and insert the 2 alloy tent poles (insert the lower pole first) into the pole sleeves at one end (dome tip end first) and push the other end into the grommets in the straps. Tighten the front pole sleeve straps by pulling the flysheet down and the straps up on the ladder buckle

trekkertent saor

trekkertent saor

2 - Peg out the doors

3- Peg out guylines as required

4 - The inner tent has elastic toggles that attach to 'O' rings suspended from the underside of the flysheet. 4 quick release clips secure the bathtub floor to the flysheet corners. The inner tent can be left attached for pitching all as one.


  •        Keep flame and heat sources away from the tent fabric
           The tent fabric is not fireproof or flame resistant and will burn if in contact with an
           open flame or other heat source.
  •        Never use any fuel-burning products inside or within close proximity to this tent
           Use of fuel burning products inside or within immediate proximiity of this tent can
           result in the accumulation of dangerous concentrations of carbon monoxide, which
           can result in serious injury or death