Saor DCF

Saor tent in 0.8 oz dcf flysheet with a mostly solid fabric inner tent with a silpoly PU4000 floor, weighing 1180 grams (41 oz). An alternative all mesh inner tent is available at request.

A silpoly version is available here

Pack size 38cm x 11cm

* Current lead time 5 to 6 weeks

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International shipping £12

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£ 575.00

  • Camo 0.67 oz dcf (+ £25)
  • 0.8 oz dcf

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The Saor is a 2 pole crossover self supporting tent with continuous pole sleeves which is quick to pitch and stable in strong winds.

Trekkertent Saor

Trekkertent Saor camo dcf

Trekkertent Saor dcf

It has a 55cm deep vestibule running the full length of the tent

Trekkertent Saor dcf

trekkertent saor dcf

trekkertent saor dcf

The flysheet door can be unzipped from the top down to provide a large high level vent

Trekkertent Saor dcf

An additonal low level vent can be formed if required

Trekkertent Saor dcf

Flysheet colour green or white dcf, depending on availability