Inspired by the original Phoenix Phreeranger, this is a double sided entry, double walled tent using modern, lighter materials.

* Current lead time 5 weeks

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International shipping £12 to £16

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£ 337.50

  • Green 20d Silpoly
  • Green 40d silpoly
  • Camo Silpoly (& £20)

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The inner tent has solid fabric roof panels and mesh side panels as standard. All mesh or mostly solid fabric inner tents are avialable at request.

* Camo colour currently unavailable

Trekkertent Phreeranger Camo

The lighter 20d silpoly version (950 grams) is suitable for 3 season use, the 40d silnylon version (1250 grams) is more suited to all season use in UK conditions.

trekkertent phreeranger

Pole sets break down to 37cm length which allows them to be easily packed in a backpack or a bike frame bag.

trekkertent phreeranger