Drift 2

* Current lead time on this tent is 7 to 8 weeks

A 2 person, 3-season trekking pole tent weighing 1.04 kg

* Flysheet colour is usually green, exact shade may vary depending on availability


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£ 280.00

  • Solid fabric roof/mesh side panels

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 Weight (exc. pegs)

Pack sizeSet-up
Inner areaVestibule area
1.04kg (36 oz)             
 35 x 12 cm (14"x5")  
4 mins             
2.9 m2 (31 ft2)     
2.2 m2 (24 ft2)

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Drift 2 is a 3 season trekking pole tent with a bright spacious interior. It has a low, six-sided profile that is designed to be tensioned to a high degree to give a strong and stable structure.  

Using both your hiking poles for support opens up the interior to give more usable internal space.Deep vestibules provide space for changing out of and storing wet gear.  Either of the vestibule doors on either side can be rolled back to partly or fully open up one or both sides of the tent for views and increased airflow and to allow for any wind direction. The tent can also be suspended from above without using poles.

The Drift 2 flysheet is made from 20 denier silpoly. This fabric has very little stretch or sag when wet. The inner tent has mesh side panels and solid dwr ripstop fabric sloping end panels.

This tent in regular size is suitable for people up to about 6 ft tall (183 cm). An additional 4" (10cm) of height can be added to this tent for taller people for an additonal cost of £20.

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Dont use hiking poles? Alloy poles sets are available for this shelter and many others at Bear Bones Bivvy Gear.


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